Pedro Queiroz Pereira. Police investigation closed after completion of natural death

The investigation of the Spanish national police into the death of businessman Pedro Queiroz Pereira, who died on Saturday in Ibiza, was already closed after the autopsy was terminated due to natural causes of death, told the official source of the Semapa to Lusa. According to the same source, the autopsy indicated that the businessman had a heart attack, after which he fell from the stairs of the yacht. The news agency EFE had already provided the same information on the basis of police sources.

As far as the transport of the body to Portugal is concerned, the official source of the industrial group indicated that this will take place in the next 12 hours, and it is expected that it will be held on Tuesday and the funeral in Lisbon on Wednesday. However, the location of the funeral ceremonies held in the Estrela Basilica or the Jerónimos Monastery has not yet been established.

Pedro Queiroz Pereira, one of the most important business people in Portugal, died on Saturday night, at the age of 69, in Ibiza, where he regularly went on holiday. The large shareholder of the Semapa group, Queiroz Pereira, was the owner of Navigator, but also of the Secil cement company and company in the field of environment and energy.

Exame magazine reports that Pedro Queiroz Pereira had a fortune of 779 million euros (together with his mother), making him the seven richest man in the country.

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