Pension increase and decrease of VAT on light: the five priorities of the OE according to Marques Mendes

The social-democratic commentator Luís Marques Mendes provided in his SIC commentary program the five priorities he had already set for the government budget in the negotiations between the left. The reduction of VAT on the electricity bill, an increase of the civil service (as Expresso had reported) and other issues that were put on the table: higher pensions, the contribution of renewable energy sources and a tax reduction for the tax authorities

are still not always designed and closed, but Marques Mendes pointed to "the great importance of raising pensions" and explained that part of it comes from law enforcement. Those who have reforms up to 857 euros will benefit from a 0.5% increase. There should still be a "second increase, not by imposing the law, but by a political decision." The second measure, according to Marques Mendes, will be "a tax reduction in the IRS", a decision that guarantees Mendes. " The definition of the model and the values ​​remain at the moment The third and fourth measures should be in the field of energy: "One is that the VAT on electricity will drop" because it comes to 23%, after having risen in the time of the troika. "The government will make a new turnaround. A news that is positive, "said the Social Democrat about the dossier that Expresso had reported weeks ago, while the other measure in the energy sector is about introducing" a contribution of the same kind, but in slightly different ways "than that proposed by the left-hand block in 2017 (approved and then approved by the PS).

The function Must be the fifth priority of the budget for the election year 2019: "Not just the thaw but two issues: new recruitment and salary adjustment." It remains to be seen to what extent, since António Costa reached a limit of 350 million euros that should be divided between increases and removals.

Teachers: a berbicacho for PS

Concerning the conflict of the government with the teachers , Marques Mendes thinks it is an "obstacle" or a "bump", especially for the socialists, at the head of the Express, where the unions pressed the left to To put the budget down, the political analyst said that "it will not happen" and that "it is best to get the horse out of the rain".

that PCP and BE do not fail? For two reasons he continued: "This was to let the government play, which probably had an absolute majority." If there is no increase, PCP and BE have a "motive" to feed the speech in the campaigns

The problem, for the PS, that Mendes classifies as a "bickering", is that "if the PS has an absolute majority want it to become more difficult without the teachers. " In the case of accepting the claims, "the majority of public opinion does not agree with the teachers," the commentator said, as was made clear in a Eurosondagem survey for the Express.

Luís Marques Mendes agrees that the reform in public office is no longer compulsory at the age of 70, as the government intends.

In his commentary this Sunday in SIC, also pointed out as benefits the fact that the measure allows "many people in good shape and energy in the public service can continue to contribute to the country."

"This talent should not be thrown out or wasted,"

Marques Mendes recalled that the introduction of the limit of 70 years has a century, at a time when life expectancy was much lower than the current one. the benefits, the commentator also pointed to the "private regime approach in which there is no age limit" and to make it possible not only in politics that the active life lasts longer than 70 years. "

But Marques Mendes acknowledged a disadvantage after re consistent with what the PCP indicated.The measure" does not promote the renewal of the public function and helps to perpetuate in the places of direction. "

De Le Pen Ruler

The Marine Le Pen ruler / Web Summit was the first theme addressed by Marques Mendes

The organization invited the leader of the French Front National and then unmasked an "unnecessary controversy" in which & # 39; # 39; only the government had it right because it did not intervene & # 39 ;.

The organization had unequally invited to invite & # 39; because Marine Le Pen was not a trump & & # 39; & is not recognized & # 39; technology. "And he started walking away again and said he would withdraw the invitation if the government felt uncomfortable with Le Pen's presence.

"The idea is that the organization is obedient and follows with regard to the positions of the government," noted Marques. Mendes

Now the government sponsors, but does not organize them. And that is why the organization must have complete freedom for the invitations. "What Marques Mendes worries about is that this episode can be a precedent for future cases."

Positive but insufficient growth

The performance of the economy is a topic that the commentator dear to return to discuss the evolution of the second quarter, revealed this week by INE, in short, the result translates into "positive but insufficient growth. "

Quarterly growth (growth of 2.3%)) "is positive because it is higher than the previous quarter and makes 19 consecutive quarters with the ever-growing economy." It is "a good trend", which justifies the pride of the government

growth is lower than that registered by 13 countries of the European Union, most of the size of Portugal and our direct competitors.

In other words, "Portugal is doing worse than the generalities of the countries of the European Union and less benefiting from the strong growth of foreign countries". And this is a concern "because it prevents Portugal from leaving the tail of Europe".

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