Pepsi buys a company that gives gas to drinks for 3 billion euros

The machine that gives gas to the drinks has a new owner. The Pepsi group bought the Israeli company SodaStream for $ 3.2 billion ($ 2.8 billion) and strengthened the American group's commitment to healthier products. This is the first purchase of Ramon Laguarta as leader of the Pepsi group.

"SodaStream is very complementary and incremental for our company, it adds value to our growth in the water segment and accelerates our ability to deliver personal beverage solutions at home around the world," said Ramon Laguarta on Monday's statements quoted by the financial Times.

The transaction is expected to be completed in January 2019 after approval by the shareholders of SodaStream, which is expected to receive $ 144 per share from Pepsi. This corresponds to a premium of 32% on the average price of the last 30 days of Israeli corporate bonds.

Founded in 1903, the Israeli company is the leader in gas water worldwide, thanks to a system that allows you to change tap water into sparkling water in seconds. It is an alternative to drinks bought in the supermarket, because the gas water of the SodaStream machines can have the most varied flavors, but with less sugar.

World beverage brands are increasingly concerned about the amount of sugar in their products, not only for health, but also because of taxes. At the beginning of 2017, Portugal joined the group of countries that use tax to try to change consumer habits and encourage industry to reduce the supply of less healthy products.

The deal was announced a few days after Pepsi's biggest rival, Coca-Cola, announced that it had purchased a minority stake in BodyArmor, a sports drink company supported by basketball player Kobe Bryant.

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