Port Wine Day celebrated with regatta of rabelos and declaration of vintage year 2016

Promoted by the Douro and Port Wine Institute (IVDP), Port Wine Day was established in 2014 and is a tribute to winemakers, merchants and wine produced in the Douro, the oldest and most regulated demarcated region in the world.

It was on 10 September 1756 that the Douro Delimited Region was created by the establishment of the General Farm Company of the Vineyards of Alto Douro, by Marques de Pombal.

"Port Wine Day is a generous way of sharing where everyone is welcome to pay tribute and get to know Port wine more and better.These are always unique and very important moments for those participating in this story that is ours. to toast with and to port wine, "said Manuel Cabral, president of the IVDP today in a statement.

The 2018 edition integrates the Regatta Regatta, which takes place "in the heart" of the Douro vineyard for the first time.

The event takes place on the 10th and starts next to the Bagaúste dam, near Peso da Régua, and the final and prizes are held in Pinhão, municipality of Alijó.

The regatta of last year, held in Porto, was attended by 14 boats, the same number expected by the organization for this edition.

The public can view the evidence along the banks of the river that brings international guests together.

The proclamation of vintage 2016, by the Confraria do Vinho do Porto, will be made before the 7th of September, preceded by a test of Porto 2016 Vintage, presented by about 50 companies.

The next day there will be a sunset party, which takes place in the Olive Garden, in the Clérigos, in the city of Porto, which will gather about 30 producers of Port Wine and will offer experiences "in the form of a glass, or by an unlikely gastronomic harmonization. & # 39;

The Port Wine Day program starts at 01 with wine dinners promoted by the companies of the sector, in collaboration with restaurants where a special menu is served, inspired and tailored to Port wine.

It also includes a gourmet route consisting of several restaurants in Porto and Douro, where a special dish is served with Port wine and during this period the port wine cellars offer a calendar with special activities.

The Port Wine Night is a route with bars, installed in the center of Porto, which will serve a special cocktail wine produced in the oldest demarcated region in the world.

Concerning port wine sales, the IVDP underlined the increase in domestic sales between January and June, namely 4.1% in volume and 1.2% in value.

And, for the positive evolution of the national market in the sale of port wine, especially in value, the institute emphasized the contribution of "special categories".

It is expected that at the end of this year the worldwide sale of Port Wine will again exceed 8.4 million boxes, worth 378 million euros, putting Portugal in first place in the ranking of the main markets for this product. (in value).

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