Published functions of the independent decentralization committee state

The functions and powers of the independent commission for the decentralization of public services of the central state to the municipalities were published Tuesday in the Diário da República.

According to the decree, the Commission must independently evaluate the organization and functions of the state and propose a program for the deconcentration of public entities and services to local authorities, "ensuring consistency in the presence of the state in the territory".

The study should look at the "possibilities to apply the different levels of decentralization", define the "own competences at the lower level", evaluate the "own and transferable skills and resources" and analyze the "efficiency levels". the models to be proposed and their comparative advantages ".

The organization of the state and the functions to be devolved will take account of regional, metropolitan and inter-municipal levels and use a "comparative modeling" of countries of the European Union and of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). .

This body will consist of seven national and international experts "with powers in government policy and the organization and functions of the state", appointed by the President of the Assembly of the Republic, after having heard the political groups.

The mandate of the Commission ends on 31 July 2019, after which it will present the reports of the work developed, which will be published in the Diário da Assembleia da República and on the page of the Assembly of the Republic on the Internet.

During the Commission's term of office, its members may not exercise functions whose interests are inconsistent with these functions and are treated as a superior first-level official for remuneration.

In order to carry out its work, the Commission should have the support of higher education institutions and implement a program of public hearings and discussions with different entities such as metropolitan areas, intermunicipalities, regional coordination and development committees. the national association of Portuguese municipalities and the national association of parishes.

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