Ryanair starts charging up to ten euros for a suitcase up to 10 kg "to reduce delays"

The airline informs on its website that it has worked during the year
more than 600,000 flights, of which 88% arrived at the destination
until 15 minutes after the scheduled time, which is the criterion adopted by the
industry to analyze punctuality).

This year the low costs made 87% of it
flights in January, 86% in February, 84% in March and 82% in April.

In the three months from April to June, Ryanair indicates that it is 75%
of timely flights to the destination, which compares 89% in the same period of the year
past. Ryanair, however, said it
air traffic controllers in France and the lack of personnel in the control of the
mainly in the United Kingdom, Germany and Greece.

In the implementation of the new baggage policy, Kenny Jacobs,
by Ryanair, says in a statement that low costs are meant to "speed up."
and delay delays. "

For the new baggage policy, which will take effect on 1 January
November, Ryanair customers could add two
hut, a small and a larger one, the latter was labeled at the gate
are transported in the basement.

For example, Ryanair was able to label up to 120 free
board, causing up to 25 minutes of delay, according to the

From 1 November the airline will cease to exist
allow free baggage at the gate, included in the & # 39; basic & # 39;
only the transport of a small suitcase in the cabin.

However, the maximum allowable size for the small suitcase has increased
from 35 x 20 x 20 cm to 40 x 20 x 25 cm.

Customers who want to carry a small suitcase and one
priority will have to get in, which has a cost of 6
EUR at the time of booking or EUR 8 after booking.

Another option is to reserve the transport of the larger suitcase in the basement,
for 8 euros at the time of booking or 10 euros after booking.

Ryanair predicts that 40% of its customers will be affected
30% of passengers now buy
priority and another 30% travel only with a "small" trunk in the cabin.

The last time that Ryanair changed its luggage policy
was earlier this year, on January 15, which states that only passengers
priority entry would have the possibility to transport two pieces
hand luggage in the cabin, while the rest should place the second
suitcase, largest, free in the basement during boarding (click to read: new
Ryanair's luggage policy is already there

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