Savings tips: Do you have any idea of ​​the commissions that you pay at the bank?

There are banks that ask 100 euros or more just for having an open account, plus the bank card and credit card (even if you do not use them). How much does it cost in your specific case? Probably not. They are withdrawing one euro today, another morning, another three euros next week and ultimately end up nothing more.

From now on you can no longer give the excuse that you do not have time to browse through your bank accounts to find out how much they charge you for every small step you take on your bank account. Banco de Portugal has just started the comparison of bank charges. It has all orders from all banks, per product and per marketing channel. This means that you can know in detail how much it takes to request a checkbook at the counter, home banking, on the mobile phone or on the telephone with the help of the operator and without the help of the operator. In other words, exactly the same service can know in advance what the price will pay and which channel should be used to be cheaper and possibly even free within the same bank, or in comparison with other banks where you have an account.

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