Scratch and earn 10 thousand euros on the first holiday – Cities

A regular customer at Kiosk Cuca in Guimarães was lucky. The woman won a prize of 10,000 euros in a scratch card of one euro.

"You always gamble on the scratch cards on Saturday morning, this time you bought five of the same games and the 10 thousand euro came from the first time you scratched it", said Carlos Pinto, Correio da Manhã, owner of the establishment.

The gambler lives in Guimarães and is an employee of a textile company. It deserves the minimum wage and the money could not have come at a better time. Carlos Pinto showed his joy when he saw that a customer won a big prize.

"It is deserved, it even went out to those who needed it most", revealed the man, visibly satisfied. The money has already determined a first destination. "The customer was very happy, not only for the obvious reasons, but also because she won the prize in a curious way on the first day of the holiday and the money will be very large," said Carlos Pinto.

The ten thousand euros is not used during this rest period. & # 39; The lady's family is going to hold a wedding the next few days, she is going to marry a child. She has told her that she can help with the wedding and she is very happy with the money, "said the owner. 19659002] Kiosk Cuca is located in the center of the city and is not the first time that I have won valuable prizes. Last month, in July, Carlos Pinto sold a scratch card Pé de Meia that earned a prize of 12,000 euros to the gambler.

"We are always happy when good prices go out to our customers," said Carlos Pinto.

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