SIC News Argentinian Minister of Finance and Lagarde discuss loan to the country

"The IMF staff and the Argentine authorities are working closely together to strengthen the agreement with the Fund in the light of recent market developments," said the institution's spokesperson, Gerry Rice, in a statement. the dialogue, Christine Lagarde and Nicolas Dujovne have a meeting on Tuesday.

This information comes two days after Argentine president Mauricio Macri announced that the IMF was calling for an IMF loan in June, after days of high volatility and a sharp decline in the Argentine peso due to the distrust of the markets.

"Our goal is to finish these discussions quickly and to present the revised economic program to the IMF management, as the Director General said, Argentina has the full support of the fund and we trust that the strong commitment and determination from the Argentinean authorities help the country overcome the current difficulties, "said Rice.

In June, Argentina reached an agreement with the IMF for a $ 50 billion loan, which had already received $ 15 billion, and on Thursday, the Argentine central bank decided to raise the reference rate from 45% to 60%. % and the Argentine government has announced that it is preparing a new package of measures that will be announced next Monday.


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