SIC News Beneficiaries of social integration Income increase in July

According to the latest statistics from the Social Security Institute (ISS), 222,576 RSI beneficiaries were registered in July, 222,327 in June, or an increase of 0.1%.

Compared with the same period last year, the percentage change was 6.9%, as in July 2017, 208,169 people received this social benefit.

Values ​​similar to those for the month of July can only be found in 2014, when there was an average of 222,391 beneficiaries between the months of February, March, April and May of that year.

Data from the ISS show, however, that the number of households fell between June and July, with 370 households now receiving RSI, after 102,128 in June.

Compared to July 2017, however, the finding is the opposite, since more than 7,071 families are entitled to this social benefit.

As far as geographical coverage is concerned, most RSI beneficiaries are in the districts of Porto (64,427), Lisbon (40,354), Setúbal (20,584) and in the autonomous region of the Azores (18,229).

Similar distribution among the families, since the majority is concentrated in the districts of Porto (30,765), Lisbon (18,359) and Setúbal (9,127).

As far as monetary values ​​are concerned, the beneficiaries received an average of € 114.82 in July, compared to € 257.96 in households.


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