Silent threat: changes in Trojan horses on mobile banking have a historic record

Trojans for mobile banking are one of the most dangerous types malware, because they were developed to steal money directly from the bank accounts of their victims. This type of attack attracts hackers from all over the world because of the easy profit. the malware is usually camouflaged as a legitimate application for users to install. When the bank application is started, the Trojan its own interface with that of the legitimate application, and thus, when the user inserts his or her credentials, the malware she steals.

The second quarter of 2018 saw a huge increase in this type Trojans, 61.045, a historical record since there are registrations by Kaspersky Lab The main cause for this increase is Trojan Hqwar, with nearly half of the new changes related to this malware. Agent's trojan was in second place with about 5,000 packs.

In the second quarter of 2018, the three countries with the highest number of users were attacked malware mobile banking – in relation to the total number of users who are the victims of every type malware (0.79%), Russia (0.7%) and Poland (0.7%). Russia and the US have risen compared to the first quarter of this year and Poland has risen from 9th to 3rd, mainly due to the active spread of and Trojan-Banker.AndroidOS adjustments . Marcher.w.

According to Kaspersky Lab experts, such high values ​​can be part of a global offering malware mobile, since the total value of malware mobile also grew by more than 421,000 compared to the previous quarter.

The content of Silent Threat: changes to mobile trojans that reach the historical record appear for the first time in i9 magazine.

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