The cheap model of Ryanair can reach trains in Europe

The cheap model of Ryanair can reach trains in Europe

By 2019, in addition to the CP, there may be more companies that provide rail connections in the country.

From 2019 CP will probably not be the only operator to provide rail links in the country, such as the Lisbon-Porto trip. Passenger transport by rail will be liberalized in Portugal and other companies can make progress.

The "Shifter" website allows the cheap models from Ryanair and easyJet to be on their way to Europe, including Portugal. According to the Bloomberg Businessweek magazine, this change has already begun abroad. In the Czech Republic, Sweden and Austria, the entry of new operators doubled in some lines with cheaper tickets.

According to this publication, liberalization increased the transition in the link between Vienna and Salzburg by 92 percent and, for example, prices to 42. In Germany the owner of FlixBus already works on two high-speed routes with tariffs for € 10.

It is already known that Portugal will liberalize the passenger market in 2019. And by 2020, all EU member states will have to do the same.

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