The General Council calls for the budget proposal 2019

The 17 members of the ADSE General and Supervisory Board (composed of representatives from
employees, pensioners and the government) approved this Thursday
unanimously an opinion showing the forecasts of revenue and expenditure for 2019
proposed by the management of the body and requests for a revision of the values.

In the working document for the preparation of the budget that the ADSE management had
the GSB, the revenues are expected to be practically in line with
ratios in 2017 and 2018. For the General and Supervisory Board, the expected values ​​are not
adequately reflect the increase in pensions and wages (due to the thawing of
of careers that started in January and will continue in the course of 2019).

The expected implementation for 2018 points to a turnover of € 576.2 million.
euro compared with 576.03 million for the coming year. In his opinion, the
that the Vivo Cash had access, the CGS emphasizes, that prediction "is not acceptable", emphasizing that although it is not known at the moment what the average increase in wages and pensions will be in 2019, it is admitted "that it not be lower than in 2018 ".

Moreover, they add that the budget does not take into account the impact that the regularization of the
to income.

On the expenditure side, the problem is reversed, that is, the budget means the proposal
overrated. And it gives as an example the estimate of expenditure with the agreed regime:
proposed by the management of the ADSE is a forecast of implementation from 385 million euros in 2018 to 438 million euros in 2019. The increase (of 98 million euros), according to the opinion, "requires clear discrimination of costs involved."

Red card for boosters
The GSB also considers that the budget of the DGEM should be "excluded from the annual budgetary procedure provided for in the State budget", since the source of its funds is private (discounts from the beneficiaries), "and the amounts for which the rebates are made ".

The CGS also regrets that the framework guidelines for the preparation of the budget were not accompanied by an action plan and that they also failed to take into account the consequences of the extension of the ADSE for new beneficiaries, in particular those who resigned, individual contracts from those who have missed the deadline in the past had to join the public health system. In total, it is estimated that this expansion will bring 64 thousand new beneficiaries to the ADSE.

ADSE sent the government a proposal for the extension at the end of May, but it has not yet received any reaction about when and how the change comes into practice. In response to Dinheiro Vivo, an official source from the Ministry of Health said that "studies are currently being prepared to analyze the consequences of the expansion of ADSE beneficiaries".

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