The government is again hiding lifelong scholarships from politicians

The government has suddenly suspended the publishing and updating of the list of politicians who have monthly lifelong scholarships, such as the amount they receive, reports the Business Journal & # 39; Tuesday. According to the executive, this decision is based on the new general data protection regulation (RGPD).

The list in question, remember, began to be published after the Commission for Access to Administrative Documents (CADA) in 2016 concluded that the Ministry of Social Security should provide information on the subject that a journalist had requested; in June 2017, the list of lifetime grants had more than 300 names.

At the time, the publication of the subsidy list was therefore justified with CADA's advice "and in accordance with the State's obligation of transparency with regard to income gained in the exercise of public functions."

Arrived until August 2018, the same list was returned secret. "The publication of the updated list of monthly grants for life suspended under the General Data Protection Regulation will be resumed with the entry into force of specific legislation expressly provided for therein," according to the Caixa Geral website at the location where the document with the names of politicians should have been.

Asked by the "Business", an official source of the Ministry of Social Security emphasizes that the RGPD "only allows the disclosure of personal data in cases where the law expressly permits this or when the owner has given his prior consent", under the conditions of Article 6.

In 2016 it should be noted that the government had already argued that a law was needed to regulate such situations. However, this legislation remains in the field of theory to this day. The same source of the Ministry of Social Security did not know that it had to say tomorrow who would take the initiative and when it will be presented. "It will be legislation under the responsibility of the Assembly of the Republic," he says.

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