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"I ate in the most beautiful McDonald's in the world, with crystal chandeliers, stained-glass windows and delicious pastries." This is the title of an article in Business Insider by Harrison Jacobs, which was published this Sunday. The journalist, who identifies on Twitter as an international correspondent and reporter of global problems, from technology to travel, begins the article with a question to readers who have probably eaten large Macs and McNuggets in dozens of McDonald's around the world: "Have they ever stopped?" To find out which of the 36,899 McDonald's restaurants was the best? "

It was in response to this reaction that he went to Porto behind what many travelers call the most beautiful McDonald's in the world: those in the old Imperial Café. And he could not have been surprised anymore. From the stained-glass windows to the candelabra, past the delicious pastry, which includes cream properties, the American journalist left the city of Porto with the certainty of having found the finest restaurant in that chain. fast food imported from the USA.

Harrison Jacobs / Business Insider

The restaurant was inaugurated in 1995 and occupies the place of the 30s and 40s, the famous Café Imperial – one of the first examples of the Art Deco style, which is very present in the city of Porto, which became decades later used by the international chain restoration. According to the journalist, who admits to want to see the cultural differences that are present in the main chains of restoration fast food around the world, what he found at McDonald's Imperial justifies the title.

"The first thing you notice is a gigantic sculpture of an eagle, in bronze, by the Portuguese sculptor Henrique Moreira.When the Imperial Cafe was opened in 1936, the entrance had a revolving door, which is no longer there," notes the journalist. on then the eagle.

But the surprises are not at the door. "When you enter, you will notice the different elements of the Art Deco style (think of the Empire State Building style, for example): ornate friezes along the ceiling, crystal chandeliers and above all the enormous stained-glass window behind the counter" He describes. However, the masterpiece is the huge crystal chandeliers that "form a stark contrast to what can usually be found at McDonald's."

Harrison Jacobs / Business Insider

Negative point for this connoisseur of the interiors of the chains of fast food: the floor. "It's nothing special," he says, adding that the food itself is not right. But it is architecture that we are talking about. Positive: Sagres beer can be ordered and although the vegetable soup is not good enough, the pastry compensates, between chocolate-filled berlin balls and "acceptable" cream biscuits, according to the journalist (who confesses that he is not a specialist in cream).

In any case, he concludes that this is perhaps the best-selling McDonald's in the world. The food is "typical McDonald's", so the advice that Harrison Jacobs gives to everyone who stumbles across the establishment is "do as the Portuguese do:" come in and order a coffee and a cream cake. "

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