The state has contracted Kamov helicopters directly to the company with which it is legal.

With the heavy helicopters of the state – the Kamovs – stopped since the beginning of the year, three because they were damaged, three because of the lack of a part and a quarrel with Everjets, the company responsible for the maintenance of these aircraft, the National Civil Protection Authority (ANPC) was forced to hire Kamov for the 2018 fires; this need was met by entering into a direct agreement with Heliportugal, a company that requires the state to pay tens of millions of euros due to the breach of contract in 2012.

The ANPC has promised to pay Heliportugal 3.7 million euros (excluding VAT) for the rent of the Kamovs for only four months, reveals the "Público" this Friday.

In 2012 Heliportugal reminds the state, at the time of the government of Passos Coelho, following the decision of Miguel Macedo, then Minister of the Interior, to withdraw the heavy helicopter fleet at the end of 12 years until the end of the contract. which was closed in 2004 for the management, maintenance and operation of the Kamov.

The decision of the previous government could cost the state treasury about 40 million euros, writes the newspaper; the value is not yet fully determined, but the two entities are already in four arbitrations for different processes.

Earlier this year, the state also had a "fight" with Everjets: the three still operating Kamov could not fly through the National Civil Aviation Authority, because the company refused to replace a piece that had already been hit the limit of validity on the three planes. As in the past, there was a contract termination by the ANPC at Heliportugal.

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