There is an esplanade in Lisbon with jugs of cocktails and views of the Tagus

The new esplanade of Lisbon has jugs and cocktails on the Tagus

The menu of the Cais da Pedra in Santa Apolónia is full of fresh suggestions and lots of drinks to share.

The ideal place for late afternoon.

The opening of the new cruise terminal in Lisbon brought good news to the Santa Apolónia restaurants. When the boats stopped to stop in front of the esplanades, the view of the Tagus was released. In Cais da Pedra, one of the restaurants that benefit from the change, there are jars of cocktails to share and many fresh suggestions on the menu.

At the end of the afternoon, join friends and ask for one Black Forest Mule (€ 23.90). It is prepared with strawberries, blackberries, vodka, cinnamon, cranberry juice and ginger beer. Two other options to share are the ladybug (€ 14.90), which collects rum and coriander; or the Gin Garden (€ 17.90) with gin and mint. If you like gin, we have another suggestion: Cais da Pedra (€ 20.90), seasoned with vanilla. All these drinks are also available in separate glasses (costs from € 5).

During the summer, the Cais da Pedra dinner menu has various lighter options. This is the case of the Caesar salad with chicken (€ 11.90) or the goat's cheese with strawberry (€ 11.50). You can also ask for the Sea bass with ginger, apple, avocado cream and wasabi (8 €); and the salmon burger in carob cake with purple onions, lettuce, tomato and yoghurt sauce.

The Cais da Pedra opened in early 2013 with more alternatives for lunch and dinner in the Santa Apolónia area. There was already the pizzeria Casanova, the Delidelux supermarket and the restaurant Bica no Sapato.

Click on the gallery to know the summer suggestions of Cais da Pedra.

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