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Jorge Bleck, a friend of Pedro Queiroz Pereira, published this dawn on his Facebook page the testimony that gave us permission to reproduce :

I can not sleep. Today, outside of time, I lost a friend. And Portugal lost a great businessman of a line of great lords of the national industry.

We remained the land and I poorer without him. For more, I owe him the gratitude on his part to enable me to make big and hard fights that he only dared to stop. He was a born fighter and a man of unusual courage and courage. Visible so little and with a special lighthouse for the good investment, did not hesitate to move forward, sharp, when other, reckless, they were still caught in a thousand lububrations and theorizations. Integral, even by legacy and form, exuded earnestness and passion to do things well and through the book . Brave courage and untenable determination detested the salons of politics, intrigues of palaces and submission to power. He was also an opponent of respect. Convinced, he was an easy interlocutor with enviable argumentative logic and passionate passion to defend his position. Yes, it was difficult not to agree with him.

At the same time being objective, but not without ceasing to be temperamental, it changed the passion to invest and create wealth and employment. For him personal wealth was not his goal at all, and above all he did not make a millimeter of it; for himself was a by-product of who he was in his race, something he felt like a duty. Hence his obsession to be discreet and to ignore the show-off of the new Ariba wealth.

Only one thing stimulated him professionally: to develop the land he loved. Was he born in a more welcoming country as a private initiative and would he have gone even further than here? That is why he felt the need to see the way the country takes what the attack on private companies respects. But he still loved his country and asked him only to let him create jobs and develop the industry. He invested and reinvested so little and multiplied by far what he had inherited from another great Portuguese industrialist who had been his father and therefore his grandfather. Father, encouraged and with strong family ties, he wanted the destination to preach to him the (bad) surprise that, a dozen years ago and at the same time, he had lost the anchor that he had served him with ties from the age of 17, with a description that he realized most of the time.

Man of great heart, generous and supportive, often with the full realization that they were abusing themselves; she cared little about her willingness to help others, in the absolute description, as she taught her. He was certainly a good man and a great businessman. In addition, he was a great friend; even when we did not agree. The country and I are poorer. Goodbye, Pedro.

Certainly yours will follow your example, because this would be the greatest honor for you.

I hope that heaven exists and that you meet Rita again. could do.


[Jorge Berck is een aandeelhouder van de waarnemer]

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