Trade unions provide counter proposals for a new agreement with CGD

Two trade unions filed contradictions to a new agreement on the benefits of Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD) employees, after the management under the direction of Paulo Macedo had sued the existing business agreement.

The workers completed a strike on Friday, a strike called by the CGD Group Workers & Trade Union (STEC) and the Financial Workers & # 39; Trade Union, in protest against the abrupt unilateral termination of the trade agreement by CGD and the presentation of a proposal in accordance with conditions that are detrimental to the employees of the bank.

STEC and the National Staffing Technical Staff Union (SNQTB) submitted their proposals for a new agreement following the agreement that the bank had proposed and which removed some of the earlier benefits for its employees.

"Today we have submitted our counterproposal, the ball is now on the Caixa side," said João Lopes, president of STEC, for Live Money. "The negotiations will be difficult," he said.

Of the changes envisaged in the new business agreement proposed by CGD, automatic promotions by seniority disappear, as does medical assistance.

Paulo Marcos, president of SNQTB, said that the opposition from his trade union was also delivered to CGD. A wage increase of 3.96% in 2018, the right to be closed, whistleblower protection and guarantees for mobile workers are among the requirements of the proposal, such as maintaining health care.

According to João Lopes, "the Box stopped today" as a result of the strike, which led to the closure of branches throughout the country. CGD points out that only 30% of the bank was affected. The STEC said that a concentration in Lisbon brought together 400 CGD employees.

"These numbers today have encouraged us to continue the fight and we did not expect this type of adhesion," stressed the president of the STEC.

Today's strike was held despite the newspaper audience announce Friday that CGD will distribute a bonus of between 500 and 3,000 euros through profit sharing.

The fact that the termination of the Agreement was announced on the day that CGD presented its results for the first half of 2018, with the bank announcing a net profit of € 194 million, became poor with the employees and the trade unions.

"In the negotiations that are starting now, Caixa will have the same willingness to come to a solution that will, globally and in similar circumstances, keep CGD employees equal or superior to the Collective Labor Agreement for Bank," said the bank Friday in a statement .

The public bank was the target of a recapitalization operation in which a strategic plan was implemented that was agreed between the government and Brussels in 2016.

The plan provides for the reduction of the number of employees, the closure of branches and the sale of activities abroad. One of the consequences is that CGD, which already had the largest bank branch network in the country, now has the fourth largest branch network and is losing a position in relation to Millennium bcp.

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