Uber to strengthen betting on bikes and electric scooters

Since the beginning of the year Uber has bought the company Jump for electric bikes, invested in the company Lime electric scooter and has also signed an agreement with the Masabi platform for public transport. These deals are part of the transformation that the American platform is making: deploying more and more on two-wheelers, especially for the shortest routes in the cities. The strategy for the coming years, however, could lead to fewer sales declines in the short term, admits Uber leader Dara Khosrowshahi.

"During rush hour, it is very inefficient to have a one-tonne metal chaff that will carry a person for 10 blocks, we can change behavior in a way that benefits the consumer, and it's a victory for the city. seen in the short term it may not be a victory for us, but strategically, in the long term we think this is the way we want to be known, "says the manager a year before Uber in an interview published in Financial Times of this Sunday.

Dara Khosrowshahi even assumes that Uber earns less money on a bike ride than on a car ride. But the platform leader believes that this impact will be moderated: users will increasingly resort to and make more and more trips with the application. To explain this effect, the manager remembers his experience on the Expedia reservation platform, from where he left to run the North American transportation platform.

Uber bought the Jump Bike Sharing platform in April of this year.

Uber bought the Jump Bike Sharing platform in April of this year.

"We are prepared to exchange economic value in the short term for a better relationship with our consumers, and in my career I realized that long-term relationships win wars, sometimes it is worth losing battles to win wars", claims he in the same interview.

The CEO is aware of the effect that this strategy can have on drivers working for Uber. But Dara Khosrowshahi is of the opinion that the directors of the platform can benefit in the longer term from higher travel revenues, which will be larger and with less traffic.

"When I talk about this with our drivers, the first impression is: why do you do a bike to compete for me?" But after the conversation the drivers think: "Look, I have bigger trips and can I make more money? & # 39; I sign below & # 39 ;, he concludes.

Uber is coming closer to the stock market and hired a new financial manager earlier this week. Former Merrill Lynch CFO Nelson Chai prepares Uber for the capital market, which is scheduled for 2019.

Nelson Chai is a well-known name for American banks that should help Uber find investors who want to gamble on a company that has reported more than $ 1 billion in losses in three of the past six years.

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