Unie says strike at CGD closes branches, administration gives 30% adhesion – Observer

CGD workers met at the Bank's head office in Lisbon this morning while they were conducting a strike that the STEC union says they have branch offices across the country, but the administration says it was 30%.

The termination of the company contract by the Caixa Geral de Depósitos administration (CGD) was the reason for the workers strike demanded Friday by the Caixa Geral de Depositos Group (STEC) Group Workers Union, and about half an hour prior to the concentration of employees at the bank's headquarters, scheduled for 11.30 am, CGD management convened a press conference.

"The strike is of course a right of all employees we acknowledge," CGD manager Maria João Carioca told reporters, adding that the administration tried to ensure the normal operation of the bank for customers and, in her opinion, was capable of to do. the.

"By 10 o'clock our customers had already made more than 800 thousand transactions and this is normal at this time of the year," he added, noting that the official strike number, collected by the bank's personnel policy, "Just over 30 % "of employees.

But João Lopes, chairman of the STEC, representing thousands of employees of the public bank, denies this percentage and says that this Friday "stopped CGD", "close branches all over the country", and that the workers an "exemplary" and " surpassed the best dreams "of the union when the degree of dissatisfaction is shown by the high adhesion to the strike.

"The workers are all on strike," João Lopes added, arguing that the administration refuses to enter into dialogue with workers and harasses them by rejecting the company agreement and announcing that the union will now make contact with political parties. , the presidency of the republic and the government.

The union also announced that it had submitted a counter-proposal this morning for the new clauses proposed by the public bank, which were the result of the termination of the company agreement, summarizing in order to "complete all proposals that destroy the rights for decades" rejected "conquered by CGD workers and that," in essence [a proposta visa] do not improve "do not do the rights of CGD workers, but rather" [permitir] "shatter" these rights.

In the midst of dozens of workers, this morning they were protesting at the company's headquarters, which called slogans like "The box is us", and keep posters with the text "Paulo Macedo [presidente do banco] for street this house is not yours, "were the deputies of the left-wing Mariana Mortágua and PCP Paula Santos.

Mariana Mortágua, after the journalists, recalled the accusations of CGD workers about the "hostile environment" created by the government of the public bank and stressed that "a good example of this hostility" is that the government today convened a press conference for the same time of the concentration of workers and "on the statements of the members of the trade unions, who are employees of this concentration."

Paula Santos from the PCP also expressed her solidarity with the struggle of the CGD workers and argued that it was "unacceptable" to reject the agreement of the company that removes workers' rights and argued that "government intervention is urgent "and that will bring those responsible to the People's Assembly of the Republic.

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