Volkswagen is asking for a review of 700,000 vehicles

The German car manufacturer Volkswagen (VW) announced on Monday that it will demand an assessment of some 700,000 vehicles from the Tiguan and Touran models.

This is because the ceiling lamp panel can cause a short circuit in case of moisture, the German brand said.

Only in Germany will this call attract about 50,000 cars.

According to VW, the problem affects the vehicles of the new generation that were produced until 5 July.

A short circuit in the light panel can cause damage to the roof and in extreme cases this can cause the vehicle to be completely burned, according to the Kfz-Betrieb specialist, with reference to company sources.

Volkswagen is developing a solution to the problem that, according to a spokesman, will soon be available.

Despite the problem, VW believes that customers can continue to use their cars if they carry out the necessary repairs.

If marks appear on the ceiling, the brand recommends going to the nearest workshop.

The first sign that a short circuit can occur is that the light panel is no longer functioning, which may indicate that the air humidity has affected the electrical system.

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