Volkswagen wants to take over the commercialization of the brand in Portugal

The losses of EUR 10 million in the first half of SAG Gest – Soluções Automóveis Globais and the 122 million debt of SIVA are leading the Volkswagen Group to ensure the commercialization of its brands in Portugal. Sources of the Expresso newspaper indicate that representatives of the German group have already been in the country several times to try to negotiate the transition from the import of vehicles to the mother house.

The aim is to prevent the collapse of SIVA and ensure the health of Volkswagen car sales in the domestic market. If the change takes place, the cars will be marketed directly by the Volkswagen Group via Porsche Holding Salzburg (PHS). This holding company is the main shareholder of the Volkswagen Group and the largest distributor of cars on the European continent.

In addition to Volkswagen, SIVA is the importer responsible for the Audi, Skoda, Lambirghini and Bentley brands.

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