Wall Sreet closes without direction for the end of trade negotiations between the US and Canada – 31-08-2018

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The S & P 500 closed steadily as the Dow Jones declined slightly and the Nasdaq rose in a sixth low-volume transaction when Canada and the United States entered undisputed transactions for the Labor Day holiday.

The Dow Jones index fell by 0.09 percent to 25.965 points, while the S & P 500 gained 0.013443 percent to 2.902 points. The Nasdaq technology index rose by 0.26 percent to 8.110 points.

At the end of last week, with a low volume week ending in the summer, marked by trade volatility, the three highest stock indices in the US posted gains in the period. The indexes also closed higher for the month of August, with Nasdaq reaching its highest monthly progress since January.

Talks between Canada and the United States to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) ended in a bitter tone. Both parties could not reach agreement according to the Wall Street Journal.

In recent days, trade problems have narrowed because Mexico and the US have reached a bilateral agreement. They returned later in the week after the news that President Donald Trump would be willing to impose $ 200 billion in imported Chinese tariffs next week.

"We can not replace Naphtha as quickly as we think," said USAA's chief stock officer John Toohey. "That initial optimism that existed earlier this week is that good news scenario is out of the question."

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