Wall Street strives for new rates and lack of agreement with Canada Stock Exchange

The US stock markets close without a clear trend, conditioned by the fear of escalating tensions between the United States and China, and by the lack of agreement between the United States and Canada on NAFTA.

This after Thursday it was reported that President Donald Trump wants to impose new rates of $ 200 billion on Chinese goods next week when the public consultation of this plan ends.

The news indexes led to a series of four consecutive winning sessions yesterday and pessimism lingered during this last session of the week.

The industrial average of the Dow Jones fell by 0.09% to 25,964.82 points, while the shifted S & P500 slightly increased by 0.01% to 2,901.52 points. The Nasdaq appreciated 0.26% to 8,109.54 points.

This Friday, the Wall Street Journal suggested that the negotiations between the United States and Canada for the replacement of NAFTA ended without an agreement.

The same publication said that President Donald Trump should inform the US Congress of plans to pursue a pact with Mexico only, while suggesting that Canada could later participate in that agreement.

In the session today, the titles of Amazon and Apple, which helped support the rise of Nasdaq, emphasize. Amazon rose 0.52 percent to $ 2,012.71, while Apple went up 1.16 percent to $ 227.63, after Warren Buffett said the iPhone's price was undervalued & # 39; used to be.

Coca-Cola has dropped 0.85 percent to $ 44.57 after announcing that it will buy Whitbread's Costa Coffee chain for more than $ 4 billion.

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