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Ford presented a special series of the (now special) Ford GT that embodies the emblematic colors of the Gulf Racing team. The Ford GT Heritage Edition arrives on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the GT40 Mark II (chassis 1075), which won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1968.

The blue and orange colors, which refer to the logo of the American oil company, have already set up countless legendary race cars, such as Porsche 917 and even the 911 RSR, which led the French race this year.

"The GT40 from 1968 quickly became a worldwide sensation after having defeated its European competitors four times in a row and thanks to the 50th anniversary of his victory we pay a new tribute to the original with a limited version of the equity.

Many see the Gulf Oil paint as the most famous in motorsports, "Ford Chief Operating Officer Joe Hinrichs notes.

The super car also has visible carbon fiber elements, exclusive rim wheels and an Alcantara-covered interior.

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Renault unveils Arkana in Moscow

After presenting excerpts from the Arakana SUV, Renault reveals complete images of the Jeep in coupé style, which is the attraction of the brand at the Moscow show, which ends on September 9th.

The SUV is manufactured in Russia and has a visual identity inspired by Koleos, which has been promised here for at least two years.

As a member of the jipinhos team for emerging markets, it is not offered in the rest of Europe and there is a good chance to be created here in 2020.

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Honda City connected and without ESP

Honda has just launched the line City 2019, seven months after the launch of the 2018 line, presented in February.

The only novelty was the inclusion of the multimedia module with connection Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for version EX 1.5 ($ 79.900), the second in the hierarchy of the content.

The rest follows as before, and with Honda's irritation, stability control (ESP) is not added as a serial item, and not even as optional. The city prices range from $ 62,500 to $ 85,400.

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Onix Joy 2019 for R $ 44.5 thousand

Who just announced the launch was Chevrolet, who brought the line-up version Onix Joy of 2019, which maintains the visual style of 2012.

From R $ 44,500 the car won new finishes of lanterns and headlamps, but with the same design. The Joy Onix offers electric control, air conditioning, electric windows at the front and an electric lock.

It can still receive a multimedia system with digital TV.

The engine follows 1.0 of 78 hp, with manual six-speed gearbox.

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