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Ryan Hickman started his project after visiting a recycling center and realized that he could earn money while saving the planet.

Ryan Hickman is not the typical seven-year-old. In 2014 he went with his father to a recycling center to leave waste behind and he received almost three euros back. He realized that it was possible to save the planet and at the same time earn some money.

The next day the young man from Orange County, USA, started Ryan & # 39; s Recycling, a company that collects and separates recyclable waste and has already reclaimed more than 50 tons of bottles and bags. Your motto? "Save the planet, one bottle at a time."

And the method was simple: start distributing bags to the neighbors so that they could collect their used bottles and cans. What initially seemed like a joke turned out to be serious: in total it was more than 20,000 euros that little Ryan got with his company, where a large part of the company's profit was donated to charities – most of them support associations of animals. The remaining value is saved for future studies.

The child's interest in the environment and recycling was born when he often saw news and images of marine animals that confuse plastic with food. Now Ryan is also ambassador of the Pacific Mammal Center, located in Laguna Beach, California

Innocent but with a focus, the boy tells the press that his goal is "to save the planet and to store bottles and cans from the ocean, so that the animals do not get sick or die. "

Your project has already caught the attention of names like National Geographic, but the ambition is not dying here: the next step is to buy a bigger truck so larger quantities can be recycled take away waste.

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