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Carlos Costa screams to the world that what moves him is just a free person. One of the most extravagant figures among national celebrities, the singer does not surprise who follows him through social networks. "I wave at searound just faith.
The tranquility of a moonlight, ftidal budget. I am a new truth, qand in me he sang freedom & # 39 ;, he wrote recently.

In the many publications he shares with fans, the 26-year-old man usually thinks of an androgynous appearance, showing himself as coming into the world or as a feminine swimsuit. Sexuality is one of the strong elements of the message that Carlos Costa wants to convey to his followers.

This weekend Carlos Costa surprised again. The singer dressed as a bride to go to the wedding of his friends Pedro and Rui who were married during a ceremony in Sesimbra. "Second wedding day! When the groom came with a fantastic red suit, I decided to come in white! "

Netizens responded immediately and responses to social networks increased in number. The truth is that the admirers of Carlos Costa do not honor him for daring to dress in white, such a virgin girl.

And do not think this is a dress. The authorship is from the Spanish Peris Costumes. The company has been active since 1856 and specializes in the rental of clothes for theater, film and television.

Among others, it is from Peris Costumes the incarnated facts of the famous Antena 3 series, "La Casa de Papel & # 39 ;, or" Jamestown & # 39; and & # 39; Avalon & # 39;.

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