He changed his name, supported Trump and wanted to abolish the amendment that prohibits slavery. How is Kanye West? – Observer

Formerly known as Kanye West. I am ye. " This was how, last Saturday, the rapper announced to the world, through social networks, the new name. It would not be a small news for a single weekend, but it is far from unique for the artist: Kanye (or YE) also participated in the program Saturday Night Live (SNL) where, after the performances, addressed the president of the United States – giving him pats that came straight from the audience – and, on Sunday, he published a photo with a cap with the slogan of "Make America Great Again" campaign from Trump, arguing that the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which abolishes slavery, should itself be "abolished".

In parts. The name "Ye" is a diminutive of Kanye and also the title of his most recent album, released in June of this year. There is another explanation: in June, the rapper explained to the radio station Real 92.3, in an interview aimed at promoting the new album, that Ye was the word that was most often used in the Bible. "In the Bible it means & # 39; you & # 39 ;. So, I am you, I am our, I went from Kanye, which means the only thing, to be YE alone – a reflection of our good, our evil, our confusion, everything, I am a reflection of who we are, "he was quoted by Sky News. Changing the name to 41 years old can be confusing at least, especially if you are a star on an international scale. Perhaps that is why Vulture wrote: "Kanye West is just YE now because sure, well, whatever."

In the same article in the Vulture it was read that it was necessary to wait for the SNL to see if Adam Driver introduced the artist as Kanye West or as Ye. What is certain is that after the performance the new name became secondary: after acting, the artist gave a speech in support of Donald Trump: "I often talk to a white person about it and she asks:" How can you like Trump, he is a racist! "When I was worried about racism, I would have changed America a long time ago. We do not make our decisions solely on the basis of racism. (…) If someone inspires me and makes contact with that person, I do not have to believe all his policies. "

The comedian Chris Rock was one of the people who directly presented the performances and the speech of the rapper. On Instagram, in one of the published stories, it is possible to hear the artist laughing while you say "Oh my God". Also based on videos from the latest SNL song, it is possible to hear that you are telling the audience behind the scenes of the program, rapper not to wear the hat with the message "Make America Great Again".

This all happened on Saturday, there would be something left for Sunday, the day that Ye posted a photo on Twitter with the following message: "This stands for good and America will be complete again We will no longer outsource to other countries We build here factories in America and we create jobs, we will offer jobs to all those who are free from prisons while we abolish the 13th amendment. "Message sent with love". The thirteenth amendment to the US constitution officially abolished slavery and involuntary servitude (except in the last case of punishment for a crime). During the afternoon, the artist, who was criticized for the remark, went back to the subject: "Do not abolish, let's change the 13th amendment" without explaining how or in what way.

Meanwhile, actor Chris Evans, best known for playing the character "Captain America," rapper, citing Which there is nothing & # 39; crazier & # 39; then quarrel with a person who does not know the history, does not read books and describes his nearsightedness as a virtue & # 39 ;. "The level of unapologetic suspicions that I recently found is not only frustrating but regressive, unprecedented and absolutely frightening," he continued.

This is not the first time rapper create controversy. In an interview with TMZ in May of this year, the artist suggested that 400 years of slavery was "a choice": "When we heard that slavery lasted 400 years, four hundred years? Sounds like a". Later, after a wave of controversy, the artist defended himself, also via Twitter, and explained that he was referring to "a mental prison."

The question "How are Kanye West doing?" Is not new. Also in May, an article by the British Guardian took the title "What happened to the most complex rapster?".

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