Kemono Friends 2 – Second Anime confirmed

This Sunday, the concert event "Kemono Friends Live ~ PPP Live ~"confirmed that the production from the anime series Kemono Friends 2 he received "Light-green". the first video promotional I love new anime debuted on event – to the astonishment of even the artists on stage – before being released online.

Kemono Friends 2 – Second Anime Confirmed:

In addition, the technical team holds hearings for a new unit Kemono Friends. The hearings are open to female applicants "mentally and psychologically sound", between the ages of 16 and 20 years. Regardless of previous entertainment experience, applicants are eligible if they are not affiliated to a production or office group. The deadline for registration is 10 September.

Nexon & # 39; s original game app from Kemono Friends was released in early 2016 and ended in December of that year – before the anime was even aired. The series with 12 episodes premiered in January 2017 in TV Tokyo and TV Osaka and ended in March 2017.

Kemono Friends 2 - Second Anime confirmed

A second season was planned earlier but no production was started. At that time, the director of the first season, TATSUKI, and the studio Yaoyorozu were not in line to be involved in the project.

The franchise also inspired smartphone apps and different scenarios. The game development company, Jupiter, has announced on Sunday that the franchise will receive the game Kemono Friends Picross, in collaboration with the Jupiter series of games, Picross. The game will be digitally released this autumn, for the modest amount of 1,080 yen (about 8.50 euros).

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