Steampunk Esthetics Steampunk Festival to Railway Heritage

Absurdium – Custom circus

The first edition of the Steam Festival – A Steampunk circus this weekend took place at the National Railway Museum, in Entroncamento. The surprising spectacle of Absurdium Custom Circus took place on Friday, on a stage between carriages. On Saturday they performed the Dead Combo.

During the day visitors could visit the Handicraft fair steampunk, ride the Victorian carousel, take a mini-com-drive or quadricycle train.

The program was diverse and included music, film, games, conversations, workshops and exhibitions inspired by a retro style, in which modern technology originates from the steam engine. A series of activities that could not be better framed, in the natural landscape of the National Railway Museum.

The National Railway Museum opened three years ago and reveals the cultural heritage and historical role of rail transport in Portugal. It is an international museum that manages a legacy of more than 160 years. It occupies a vast area in the railway complex of Entroncamento, with several buildings. Among them is the zone of old repair shops for steam locomotives. It contains a well-preserved set of machines, with unique examples, as is the case with the Royal Train.

On Friday night the Custom Circus brought an alternative artistic production. Absurdium is a great spectacle that amused everyone who attended it.

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