Super Nova tour circuit arrives in the Azores

Cave Story, Fugly and Baleia Baleia Whale are the bands of the new generation of rock, which is produced nationally and which will guarantee the concert on the island of São Miguel, along with other locations in the country, according to a press release.

Cave Story, a quartet by Caldas da Rainha, formed by Gonçalo Formiga (vocals and guitar), Ricardo Mendes (drums) and Pedro Zina (bass), are back with "Punk Academics", with the concert in Porto as one of the first on the disc-release tour.

The Fugly, a resident of Porto, one of the exponents of national garage rock, or "a rock band with a lot of distortion", as they had arranged themselves, released the album "Millenial Shit" earlier this year.

Whale Whale Baleia, a pair formed by Manuel Molarinho (bass and vocals) and Ricardo Cabral (drums), whose debut album was released this year, have a sonority on the border of punk rock.

With the aim of "broadcasting bands on national territory", this fourth edition contains six concerts from September to December, with the same protagonists, being the startup in the Maus Hábitos space, on 28 this month.

The initiative also includes, in Maus Hábitos, a program that integrates conversations about the most current themes of the music industry, with the participation of Tiago Castro (SBSR.FM), Henrique Amaro (Antena 3), Luís Fernandes (GNRation). ), Afonso Lima (ZigurFest) and Luis Masquete (Killimanjaro, GrETUA).

This is followed by the trips to Arco 8 in Ponta Delgada, Club de Vila Real, Carmo 81 in Viseu, Salão Brazil in Coimbra and Stereogun in Leiria.

According to the organization, the fourth edition of "Super Nova" is again devoted to creating a circuit of live shows, connecting bands from the new series of national music and venues throughout the country.

During the three editions 27 bands and 13 concert halls were involved in a total of 72 concerts, with approximately 16 thousand people being moved.

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