THE BALL – Kanye West changes the name to … Ye (Music)

The famous American rapper Kanye West, 41, announced in his account on Twitter social network that he simply wants to be known by Ye, which he also gave to his eighth album, released in June.

The songwriter, producer and fashion designer also announced hours before his appearance on NBC & # 39; s Saturday Night Live, in which fans expected him to release "Yandhi", their latest album.

It did not happen, but before the presenter, Adam Driver, reiterated his intention to become president of the United States by 2020, without hiding his support to Donald Trump.

West had explained that Ye had a religious meaning prior to the publication of the album of the same name.

"I believe that Ye is the most common word used in the Bible, and it means" you. "So, I am you, we are, we are," he defended.

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