Tony Ramos turns 70 and is reminiscent of the career of an actor

One of the best-known names in Brazilian teledramaturgy, with dozens of works spread over six decades, actor Tony Ramos turns 70 on Saturday.

The start of Tony Ramos's TV career was in the Tupi network, when he closed a ladder to Walmor Chagas, Georgia Gomide and Guy Loup in The Other, an adaptation by Walter George Durst, shown by the channel between July and October 1965.

For the magazine Manchete, he talked about the start of the show: "When I attended a call for Tupi TV – New in Focus – I went to the test for 15 years".

"I already impersonated actors – and always Chaplin – celebrities, broadcasters and even politicians of that time." Despite childish attempts at student stages, I wanted to make the fate that I would make as a professional on television. "

"I was not talking about the biggest runner in the world – that was my feeling – the Tupi gang, where I saw idols like Lima in flesh and blood. Duarte, Juca de Oliveira, Georgia Gomide, Laura Cardoso, I played small roles until I she reached, in a different sense.

After her debut in The Other she made O Amor Tem Cara de Mulher and other productions such as The Corsican Brothers, The Innocents, Rosa dos Ventos, Inio de Pano, Os Inocentes and Nino, the Italianinho.


His first work at the station was to record the Mirror Magic cast in 1977. Two years later he played André Cajarana, the main character of Pai Hero. In his debut year, he was also characterized by the presentation of the Golden Globe.

He made history with the first male nude of Brazilian television, in O Astro, the novel by Janete Clair that aired in 1978, in which he played Márcio Hayalla, heir of Salomão Hayalla (Dionízio Azevedo).

During the work, he reminded Manchete that he was not the first choice of the radio station: "It was in the Astro my big spurt, the novel that threw my name for all of Brazil from Cuoco, Alan." Then Daniel Son understood that nobody better than I could be the son of Solomon. & # 39;

In the following decades she participated in countless beautiful storylines, such as Queen of the Junk, The Next Victim, Tower of Babel, Women in Love, Beautiful and Avenida Brasil. She also made several appearances in house series – as in the last episode of The Great Family, in 2014, for example.

His most recent work was in the novel of the six Tempo de Amar, in which José Augusto lived. Tony Ramos has already been confirmed in the next novel of the nine, The Seventh Guardian, in which the powerful character Olavo de Aragão Duarte will come to life.


Not only good guys, Tony's resume is formed. Villains like Zé Maria, The Rule of the Game (2015), playboy interest Edu, Queen of Scrap (1990), corrupted Carlos Braga Vidigal, O Rebu (2014) and She Clementino, who murdered his own wife in Torre from Babel (1998) , marked the career of the actor.

The latter was asked in an interview with the state a few years ago whether the alleged rejection of the character was due to the fact that the public would not accept the actor as a bad guy. "I do not want Tony Zé to do Clementino, only the Torre synopsis, registered in the National Library." The character was expected there. I would change as soon as I fell in love, "he replied.


In an interview with The Art of Encounter in 2017, Tony spoke early in his career about his great inspiration: comedian Oscarito. "I remember the first moments of my life, with eight or nine years, to the Sunday matinees in São Paulo, sometimes by my mother. [Matinês] from Anselmo Duarte, Cyll Farney, Great Othello and Oscarito. "

"When I started to understand the physical, spontaneous, different state of Oscarito, I remembered saying to my beloved grandmother, Maria das Dores:" I wanted to be an Oscarito in my life. " In other interviews Tony usually does not hide his admiration by other famous names, such as Hugo Carvana and Daniel Dantas.

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