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& # 39; It was a Victory & # 39 ;, says actress about the arrest of her husband who is accused of having bullied her | New Orleans, Louisiana hotels

"For me it was very important that Sergio's arrest showed that we needed to have the courage to sue, that we need strength, I am a survivor, a survivor because I was a brave person. still many quarrels have been great, but today was a big win, "he said.

Sergio Schiller surrendered this afternoon (25) on the 28th DP (Campinho) in the North zone of Rio, after the presentation at the police station he was taken to the Benfica Public Jail, also in the North Zone.

Schiller's defense said he still does not know for which crimes the client will answer because he did not have access to the complaint.

A ban prevents TV Globo from disclosing information about the investigation that was opened after the attacks, but none of the images were removed from the investigation, all of which were provided by Cristiane himself.

Cristiane Machado recorded some attacks on her husband after she installed cameras in the couple's bedroom in August. The images showed tapas and try to hang up. With the mobile phone, Cristiane also registered death threats for her and the family.

Cristiane Machado - Photo: Reproduction / TV GloboCristiane Machado - Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

Cristiane Machado – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

Afraid of being killed, she reported her husband to the police. At the end of October, Thompson-Flores had ordered his pre-trial detention because he would have failed a protective measure. He was considered a fugitive.

Cristiane Machado appeared in several novels on TV Globo and inspired the sculpture made by artist Vik Muniz for the opening of the novel "Passione", 2010. Thompson-Flores is a former diplomat and entrepreneur.

The two met in March 2017 and had a civil wedding in November of the same year. Five months later there was a religious marriage.

"He was extremely loving, careful, I had found the love of my life, he was my prince," he says.

But between the two ceremonies the relationship got problems.

"It starts very subtly … with an acorn, or sometimes a rough word," says Cristiane. "He always called me stupid, I could not have a password on my cell phone, he had to have access to my cell phone, and every time I did not agree with him, it was a fight." One day he got nervous from work, stressed, I asked him why he was stressed and he said, "I do not want to talk to you." And then he gave me the first push.

On another occasion, images recorded with a mobile phone show him how they broke the house where they lived with an ax.

"It was a whole morning, I tried to go several times," Sergio, let me go, I want to sleep in my mother, let me go, please, "says Cristiane.

She was able to call the police and her husband was arrested in the act. He paid bail, got out of prison, but was forbidden by Justice to approach his wife.

Yet the actress decided to preserve the religious marriage, which was already marked.

"I went to my mother's house and stayed at my mother's house when he came to see me, his sons asked me for an interview … and then he knelt on the street and said that I was the love of life him, "says Cristiane. "He apologized for his children, said:" Everyone already knows that I am wrong, and I ended up forgiving. "

After the marriage, the violence continued. After these threats she decided to install the cameras in the couple's room to record the attacks. Cristiane sentenced her husband to the police station for women.

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