BOLA – “Benfica has done interesting things in Europe, but can do even better” (Benfica)

In the front room of a new duel with Rangers for the Europa League, Pizzi outlines Benfica’s goals in European competitions. Jorge Jesus to send the midfielder believes that the eagle has everything to again fly high.

“I’ve had Benfica for many years. Over the years, the club has evolved, both in structure and content, on the field and beyond. We have a very solid team and a very experienced and highly regarded coach at European and world level, which also allows us to have a good team and very good players ”, emphasizes Pizzi in a conversation with UEFA magazine dedicated to the Europa League.

“Benfica has done interesting things in Europe, but we are aware that we could do even better things because of our quality of team and the greatness of the club,” admits the 31-year-old.

For that, he emphasizes, it must be consistent. “We are dealing with teams with different experience and backgrounds in these competitions, we need more consistency to get the wins and little by little we will grow in this competition,” he emphasizes.

The reinforcements, says Pizzi, “came to help and they all came to add to.”

“We are ready to achieve great things in Europe and we are going to fight for that”, confirms number 21 of the incarnates.

On a personal level, the balance is largely positive: «Things have been going well in this regard lately, I have been lucky enough to score a few goals and help the team achieve some victories. It is also because of the maturity that I have attained, I am closer to the completion situations. I always try to take advantage of all moves to help or score a goal. »

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