BOLA – Liga won public utility status (Liga)

The chairman of the League, Pedro Proença, announced on Wednesday that the organization has been granted public utility status.

“An old aspiration of the Liga Portugal came true: the granting of public utility status in Diário da República.

It is the result of the work that started about 25 years ago and which had the serious commitment of the different presidents of the League, such as Major Valentim Loureiro, Manuel Damásio, Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa, Hermínio Loureiro, Fernando Gomes, Mário Figueiredo and Luís Duque.

Credibility, talent, spectacle and aggregation are the values ​​that guide us every day and it is our commitment to continue to invest in social responsibility projects and in partnership with the most diverse entities to find the best solutions for professional football .

We now face other challenges, starting with the construction of the new headquarters, which will provide Liga Portugal with new strengths to consolidate the future and keep the focus on training, ”wrote Pedro Proença.

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