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Businessman Joe Berardo admits that he has crossed parliament

Jose Berardo, better known as Joe Berardo, admitted today that he exceeded himself during his hearing on the CGD parliamentary committee of inquiry, but said he had no intention of "offending".

"I must admit that, in the heat of the discussion, I overcame it and gave some impulsive and thoughtless answers," it can be read in a statement from the businessman to which Lusa had access.

Joe Berardo said that "certainly" was not his intention "to offend anyone, let alone to miss respect from the Assembly of the Republic."

"I love my country and who knows, I know that there is never a lack of respect for a body of sovereignty," the businessman from Madeira added.

Joe Berardo classified his visit to parliament as an & # 39; intense questioning & # 39; for & # 39; five hours and thirty minutes & # 39 ;, which & # 39; was governed by political rules & # 39; who says & # 39; not to dominate & # 39; or wanting to dominate.

Berardo added that it would have been "simpler … not to answer the questions" and hide "in attacks of" selective amnesia, "as has often happened" in the commission of inquiry.

"I didn't do it out of respect for parliament and the Portuguese," the businessman said in the statement.

Joe Berardo also considered a "punishment" that "nobody" asked "at the hearing on 10 May about the purpose of this same committee, the recapitalization of Caixa and the actions of its management."

"Since that date I served as a & # 39; scapegoat & # 39; for all the misery of the Portuguese financial system since 2007. I will not accept passively," said the businessman.

The businessman said that in his life he & # 39; in many battles & # 39; involved that this & # 39; is only one and certainly not the last & # 39 ;.

"I love my country and I never intended to offend my countrymen," concludes José Berardo.

Joe Berardo's visit to the CGD parliamentary committee of inquiry on October 10 provoked a chorus of criticism, primarily because of the way he addressed the members.

Before the MPs, the Madeira businessman stated that it is "clear" that he has no debts, since the debts to the banks (including the CGD bank) are not personal debts, but of entities associated with him.

Berardo also said he was trying to "help the banks" by providing guarantees and that they were the ones who proposed the investment in BCP shares.

He further explained that Berardo Collection Association (owner of works of art) participation certificates he gave to banks to strengthen loan guarantees lost value with a capital increase in which financial entities did not participate, apparently because they did not know it existed.

On several questions from the delegates, Joe Berardo also said that they should be made to the banks concerned: "Ask Caixa, they lent me the money," he said.

Already confronted with the idea that the Box "costs a kite", he replied: "Not me!"

On April 20, CGD, BCP and Novo Banco presented an executive action to collect Joe Berardo's debts of nearly 1,000 million euros at the court of the Lisbon region, where the José Berardo Foundation and two entrepreneur-affiliated companies are also active.

The amount owed to the three financial institutions amounts to a total of 962 million euros.

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