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Cory Barlog may already be working on a new project • Portugal Gamers

cory barlog god of war

God of war was undoubtedly one of the biggest surprises and launches of 2018, because, although a lot of waiting and waiting for a game of high quality, what the SIE Santa Monica Studio delivered far beyond what many players could expect.

One of the major responsible for all this success and quality was the director, Cory Barlog, who was not only involved in the development and in giving a new perspective on the story, but also very close to the community, always brought news and ideas via Twitter, interviews and much more

Because of this weight and importance, many players already have the doubt in mind, of which the next project would be Barlog would be involved, and it seems that the director really has a new project at hand.

Through his official profile on Twitter, the director Duncan Jones (Moon and Warcraft) has released an image next to it Cory Barlog, where he left several compliments, also left a first indication Barlog does not just work on a new project, but that it will be even bigger than God of war.

After this, many speculations arose, especially with regard to projects that are on a major pause. The strongest speculation is that due to the fact that Duncan was primarily responsible for the adaptation of the live action of Warcraft, both would work on a film adaptation of God of warsomething that is right Sony had shown interest in the past.

Another natural speculation is that Barlog work already in the sequel of God of war, something that the director had mentioned in the past that would exist if the game released earlier this year, achieved the expected success, but still seems a bit early to think of a God of War 2 or at least at a very early stage of development.

So the only thing that remains is that fans are waiting for new information, but you can already imagine that a big project is coming, whether it's the movies or the consoles.

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