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CP warns (again) of "strong disturbances" on Christmas Eve due to a strike


The CP trains from Portugal again warned about strong disturbances & # 39; to predict with regard to the movement of trains on 24 and 25 December – eve and Christmas day – due to the strike announced by two itinerant structures.

The communiqué of the CP states that "as a result of a strike (…) national railway suppression is planned for all services on 24 and 25 December".

Moreover, the courier is of the opinion that on 26 December there may also be disturbances in the movement of trains, which underlines that alternative transport will not be available.

However, in the case of passengers who have already purchased tickets for the Alfa Pendular, Intercity, Interregional, Regional and Celta services, they may request reimbursement or renewal.

It is recalled that an announcement of strike has been submitted by the Railroad Trade Review of the Commercial Traveling Review (SFRCI) and by the Association of Intermediate Railway Operations Managers (ASCEF). The strike disputes the "violation of the agreement with the government, in September 2017, concerning the recruitment of 88 operational employees … of the out-of-office trading area and for the counters of the CP".

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