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Melo corrects errors in the association between Berardo loans and agreements made with Socrates and Costa Government European Union 2019

Nuno Melo corrected some misinformation he mentioned in the afternoon during a campaign dinner in Albufeira on Thursday evening when he linked Caixa Geral de Depósitos' loans to Joe Berardo to deals with businessman and government led by José Sócrates, in 2006, and in which António Costa was minister of internal administration. The centrist made the correction after the error was detected by the media.

In the afternoon, the centrist candidate recalled that the Berardo Foundation was established in 2006 "and which endorses the decretal law that creates the foundation is José Sócrates, Teixeira dos Santos and António Costa." In fact, these politicians signed the decree of law creating a foundation, but it is the Arte Contemporânea – Berardo Collection Foundation, on the occasion of the agreement between the State and the commander to present their works of art in the Berardo Museum, in the Cultural Center of Bethlehem.

After the media detected the error, Melo admitted the error and corrected it. "Today I said it was the foundation" José Berardo to receive the credits ", but it wasn't, it was another:" the Berardo collection. "The foundations and associations created as Berardo's name multiplied in this country like mushrooms. The difference is that they are poisonous mushrooms," he added.

Nevertheless, Melo maintained the claim that there will be links between the loans granted by the Caixa Geral de Depósitos (350 million) to Joe Berardo and agreements concluded by the then government (which was Prime Minister José Sócrates and António Costa as Minister of administration had Met with the businessman.

"Berardo & # 39; s confusion should be ashamed of many people. A bank delinquency with the most pernicious political influence. (…) There is no need to punish, miss it, judge to punish all those responsible, on the fringes of all rationality, allowed to arrive here, "he accused.

Melo also corrected the date of signature of the Decree-Law that he had drafted and the Fundação Arte Contemporânea – Berardo Collection. Had referred 2006 and & # 39; said overnight it was in 2007. "

Costa has once again become his main goal. He once again criticized the lack of air resources to fight fires, the lack of money for SIRESP and the PS administration for the National Health Service.

The head of the CDS-PP list even defended the resignation of Health Minister Marta Temido because of problems in hospitals and patients who died awaiting surgery.

"Health problems are not solved with ideology and Marxist hymns, they are solved with resources. The resources that are missing every day. We need fewer hymns, less music, more money, more doctors, more hospital staff," Melo said, after she had quoted Marta Temido who said that when she is tense, she hears the CGTP anthem. "Perhaps what is needed in Portugal is another health minister," he added.

Melo also accused the government of doing nothing with regard to "the millions of euros" given to the victims of the fires in private, and that "they are exhausted". "No one from the government seemed to say: this cannot be true. (…) This is to abuse the feelings of others.

The dinner in the Algarve, held in a hotel in Albufeira, has gathered no more than 100 people. There was even a table with a sign above "Faro" that was empty.

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