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Pepe Boyfriend confesses that he has fired his house – The Television

Pêpe Rapazote was a guest in this week's Daniel Oliveira program High Definition. During the conversation with the SIC host, the Portuguese actor remembered the rigid upbringing his father gave him and shared some of his adventures with the family he built.

The actor, who almost burned down the house where he lived with his parents, said that the upbringing his father was trying to impose was based on the belt and the whip & # 39 ;. However, his relationship with his father has never been polluted and "today he praises me for everything and for nothing." The beast was domesticated! "He said.

"I burned the house twice and twice in school." How? "I packed it with boxes of matches and paper and that's it! I killed my brother's parakeets because I set fire to the kitchen from home, he loved fire, and now he'd be in jail," said the actor. he tried to justify the kind of education that his father imposed on him.

Pêpe also revealed that he was suffering from spina bifida, which marked the first years of his life by moments that restricted him. "I never told you this, but I used to urinate in bed until I was 12 and 9 months old, I packed my own diapers, there were no disposables, they were from the Turks," said the 48-year-old actor.

Pêpê Rapazote is separated from his family abroad. Worth the technology. Married since 2003 to Mafalda Vilhena, the actor confesses that "I talk to Mafalda about WhatsApp as if she were with me." There is a lot of loneliness. (…) I do not get the Facetime and the like. [filhas] They do not want to talk to me because they will miss me more. And I understand. But it is the part that costs me the most. "

Mafalda is, as the actor admitted to working in the United States, the key to keep the family apart. "" We are a two-piece domino, extremely complex. And she became my fellow. It was the one who formed the most. We not only fit very well, because someone who comes out of the fit is always me. Covered all emergency exits. The secret is to find fun and as long as you want there is no effort at all. I am the granite and she is the magical glue. I can not adjust it. She covered all the holes, "he said. "Mafalda is a guy without … coiso! If I want to drink an imperial drink in a cafe, it's up to her," she says.

Pêpe Rapazote and Mafalda Vilhena are parents of two girls, Júlia and Leonor, thirteen and nine years respectively.

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