Ponte de Lima and vira do Minho in commercials on television

The family of Maria Luíza Cruz, a resident of Ponte de Lima, uses social networks to address anyone who may have information about the elderly woman whose whereabouts are unknown to inform the authorities.

In a message that was published on Facebook on Wednesday night, a granddaughter writes that the last time she saw her was around 17:00.

The 87-year-old woman from São Martinho da Gandra wore a beige gabardine, according to another family member against O MINHO.

Police and firefighters are looking at the ground.

Update / Older people found

Already this Thursday, in the early hours of the morning, a son of the old woman revealed that the mother was found and that "things are going well".

"My mother has already appeared! It is stable with hypothermia and to be taken care of in the hospital." "Thank you all who took part in the search, even in this storm!" They were all incredible. "" Thanks also to the firefighters of Ponte de Lima. , GNR for their dedication and their willingness to do an excellent job Thanks to all my friends who came to pick up and Mr. Chairman of the Board Martin van Gandra for the great help Thank you to those who have the news on their personal and professional pages. "It was a very intense night and now it's time to rest." Many thanks to everyone from the bottom of my heart, "he wrote on Facebook.

News updated at 11:03 am.

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