Portuguese BioJam launches rapid tests for Covid-19 and Flu in one collection

Currently, the difficulty in distinguishing the symptoms of the two diseases makes it necessary to identify their sources of infection. The Portuguese pharmaceutical company BioJam is now launching a rapid test, antigen NADAL COVID-19 Ag, which can diagnose infections in 15 minutes.

This is a “reliable solution to reduce the spread of viruses and is able to mitigate the risks inherent in the combination of the two,” the company said in a statement. The rapid tests work as a “two in one”, reducing the discomfort of patients who are administered only once.

The CEO and founder of BioJam Holding Group, Carlos Monteiro, warns of the difficulties anticipated with the arrival of winter: “We live in difficult times that require every opportunity from us to reinvent ourselves every day to get the best response. who is able to fight the worst case scenario. “Experts say there are risks of crossing a” wave “of covid-19 and a” wave “of flu at the same time:” a study published in it ” Journal of Medical Virlogy “indicates that this viral conjugation has been worse in some cases. Health outcomes There is a proven risk of strong pressure on health services as the combination of flu waves and covid-19 intensifies,” said Monteiro in a statement.

Antigen tests conducted by BioJam collect samples from the airways to look for particles of the SARS-CoV-2 viral proteins. Using a single device to perform these diagnoses “not only reduces the risk of errors in disease identification, but also reduces hospital waste”, it explains. These rapid investigations prove to be useful in hostile emergencies and effective for detecting infections at an early stage.

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