Round Rousey & # 39; capture & # 39; during WWE generals match; look

Rousey Rouse continues to play the lead role during his move to WWE, the world's largest telecatch competition. The RAW calls goalkeeper – one of the company's staged fighting brands – "got" into the locker rooms of its current rival Becky Lynch and participated in a widespread battle between its franchise cast and Lynch's Smackdown champion.

In the episode that was shown in the United States last Monday (12), after Rousey finished with a sort of armlock – his specialty – Becky made the traditional triumphal appearance of WWE in the arena. Only on top of the ring were they members of the RAW cast, who called her into battle, all in one style. The turning point of the scene was the fact that Lynch was in fact not the only one.

She was joined by other Smackdown hunters, who invaded the ring to fight with the RAW athletes. Amidst the confusion, in which the arm was allegedly injured, Ronda also entered the arena, but ended the worst in the collision with Lynch, who used a seat to attack the former UFC bantamweight champion.

All confusion is part of the promotion for the Survivor series, an event that takes place this Sunday (18) at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Ronda and Becky will make the main fight without bringing their belts into play. In addition, RAW and SmackDown compete in group battles, with five on each side. The show also includes the participation of Brock Lesnar, who will face AJ Styles.

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