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Russia lost control of its only space telescope

Astro Space Center from Lebedev Physical Institute.

Spektr-R, the Russian space telescope

Russia has lost control of its space telescope, the Spektr-R, due to a failure in communication systems, said Saturday the director of the Aerospace Center of the Physical Institute of the Academy of Sciences, Nikolai Kardashev.

The telescope could not recognize the instructions of the control center of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, but will continue to send data scientists for the earth, explained the Russian news agency Ria Novosti. Russian authorities are trying to regain control of the telescope, Interfax news agency reported.

"There are attempts to solve the problem. There are various communication systems. Some work, and others do not. This type of error has occurred previously. Everything can still work. So we hope, "said Kardashev.

However, several attempts to regain control of the device have failed so far. According to a source from Roscosmos to Interfax, the problem may be due to one error in the reservation communication system of the telescope, the last one he still has.

The same source added that the space monitoring center has been working with this back-up communication system for over a year now, after a major system failure.

The lifespan of Spektr-R, one of the largest telescopes ever installed in space, was canceled in 2016, but in Russia extended the use until 31 December 2019.

"The project to explore the universe in the radio wave range using the Spektr-R space telescope will be terminated if we can not restore communication and control over the device," said the director of the project, Yuri Kovalev.

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