The 10 exceptions to the movement ban between municipalities

Traffic between municipalities on the continental territory is prohibited between Friday 11 pm and Wednesday 5 am, with 10 exceptions to the measure envisaged in the state of emergency, enacted as a result of the covid-19 pandemic.

According to the government decree regulating the implementation of the new state of emergency, which came into force on Tuesday, it is prohibited to circulate outside the residential municipality between November 27 11 pm and 5 pm December 2 “except for health reasons or other urgent reasons”.

The ban will apply again between 11:00 PM on December 4 and 11:59 PM on December 8.

The decree provides for 10 exceptions to the movement ban between municipalities on the Portuguese mainland, namely:

– trips to exercise professional functions with a declaration from the employer or the employer, in the case of self-employed and sole proprietorships.

– health workers and employees of health and social care institutions, teachers and non-teaching staff of schools, civil protection agents, security forces, the military and Food and Economic Security Authority (ASAE) inspectors do not require a declaration from the employer to circulate .

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