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December 31 brought not only the start of the page to 2019, but also the good end of Married at First Sightfrom SIC. The program, which took place early in the evening, brought practically all participants together with the therapists and Diana Chaves, the formation host, for a "last" conversation.

Graça and José Luís

It was up to the older couple to open hostilities, where Diana Chaves asked how the return to Porto was.

Graça replied briefly: "It was good, the Alfa broke, we had to change trains, which stopped at all stations and stops, everyone recognized the count, nobody knows me, but he, with these beards …". "I am awake, by the way, we are in the highest regions", Jose Luis completes.

Eduardo Torgal, one of the therapists, compared this troubled journey of the bride and groom with their participation. "They have to stop halfway and change their train, it represents a bit of the journey they had in their relationship, that is, they started well, but then they had to change trains, that is, change the approach until they end, "he said.

The "count" said that he has changed a lot since he started the social experience. "In the beginning I did not iron, today I see this differently," he says.

Grace also had the opportunity to say, "I think he was always an Alpha-man." "I am working to be an Alpha-man in fullness," he said.

"We're from the same city, and now we can go dating like a normal couple, and each one will live in your home, so we decided that way, and then we'll get the chance to get together in time. let's date, which is the best in life, "confirms Grace.

Called to give his opinion, Dave reveals that "he sees no future in this relationship, but it is a decision of them and respect."

Ana and Hugo

Hugo was one of the faces absent from this meeting. The halffielder driver was not present, unlike Ana. Ana and Hugo have not spoken since leaving the experiment. "Although my intuition says something different, I have always wanted to believe in the experience," says the fitness instructor.

"It was a kind of person I was not used to, neither as a friend nor as a friend, so it was a big shock, I could not handle these situations, but I thought: if I'm here, why should I to give up already? "he said.

When asked about the best memory she had of the program, Ana was compelling: "I can not say it was my husband, but the people I take from here." Despite everything, he deserves to be happy too. "

Daniela and Daniel

"We are better than ever," Daniela begins. "It was difficult for me halfway through the experience, but then I thought:" Do not worry about it, "says her husband.

"At one point I felt rejected, but I did not give up and I had self-love to continue fighting for both," reveals the yoga instructor. "Despite everything that can happen, I have my new best friend here," he adds.

Daniela and Daniel

"We have talked [fora do programa] a little ", Joao admits." Yes, we have had frank conversations. But one question is this, another is that of communication, "adds Sónia." You think we've communicated enough as a couple, "she asks the" ex-man. "

Intrigued with such kindness between the two, the specialist Eduardo Torgal reveals: "I am reminded of a sentence in which Sonia said:" John, I hate you. " Sonia immediately replies: "I do not see what the problem is."

"First of all, I am very pleased with your reconciliation & # 39 ;," adds the expert. "This is not reconciliation, we are just friends, we talk normally," says Sonia. "I really liked this during the experience," says the therapist.

As to why they did not work, Sonia does not doubt: "I believe in chemistry and there was no". "It does not exist, what are socio-cultural norms and you just have to think about it", the therapist confronts Alexandre Machado. "You have developed a pattern of aggression with John."

"Sonia apologized after the show, saying it was not her time," says the groom.

Sonia, however, makes the conversation cry after she has been confronted by therapists with a possible revenge for the marriage of her ex-boyfriend with a person she did not know. "It's not the first time she has done this, I'm not saying it's false tears, but it's what's engraved," John admits.

Dave and Eliana

Dave and Eliana have not renewed their vows.

Despite the exciting & # 39; bride's speech & # 39; thanked the surfer everything that lived with the woman and ended with & # 39; You have a great friend here.

"I felt abandoned and alone, but life is still the same," ends the young woman.

Called to respond to colleagues' relationships, Daniela believes that this was the "expected outcome for some time".

Asked by Cris Carvalho, Dave admits that from 0 to 10, given the decision he made, the surfer reveals: 10.

"I have not felt that way in a while, I wish you the best in the world", the sportsman confesses. The receptionist says: "It would take more time to give me another way."

Even before the end of the meeting, Dave tells Ana: "I'm sorry I did not meet you at this time."

The competitor immediately replies that there will certainly be opportunities to get to know each other.

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