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Union of dangerous goods drivers unveils strike and announces "historic agreement" – The Economic Journal

The National Union of Dangerous Goods Drivers (SNMMP) today unveiled the strike planned for the 23rd and announced a "historic agreement" following a meeting with the government and the ANTRAM employers' organization.

"We have succeeded in concluding a historic agreement, both financial and non-financial, with great recognition of our professional career," said Pedro Pardal Henriques, vice-president of SNMMP, Lusa at the end of the meeting on the Ministry of Infrastructure in Lisbon. .

"For this reason, the strike planned for March 23 is called off," the union official said.

The meeting was convened on Thursday afternoon and the meeting was attended by the minister, Pedro Nuno Santos, and with representatives of the National Association of Road Transport Public Merchants (ANTRAM), with the agreement to achieve this tomorrow.

Pardal Henriques explained to Lusa that the agreement includes the requirements for wage development and the prohibition of the movement of dangerous goods on Sundays and public holidays.

"There is a salary development agreement starting in January with a basic allowance starting at 1,400 euros per month and containing a special premium for drivers of dangerous goods, fixed from 630 euros and going to 1,400 euros fixed lines divided by different inscriptions, "he said.

On the other hand, the SNMMP vice-president added that "an annual progression was decided in 2021 and 2022, which is around 100 euros / year, plus an indexation of the increase in the national minimum wage."

Regarding the reduction of retirement age, the claim remains on the table and will be the subject of negotiations with ANTRAM, parties and government, he said.

"We still have an extremely important commitment with the government to ban the circulation of dangerous goods on Sundays and public holidays, which is already happening in Europe, allowing drivers to rest today and be with the families, which they didn't know was more than 20 years ago, "he said.

The SNMMP was established at the end of 2018 and became known through the strike that began on 15 April, which led the government to bring a civil claim and then invited the parties to sit at the negotiating table.

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