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At the annual general meeting of BMW AG in May 2018, Harald Krger, chairman of the board of directors of BMW Group, described the following: "The iNEXT project will form the basis for the future, creating the whole company and everything its brands will benefit. "

iNEXT addresses the big question that is central to the daily activities of the BMW Group: "How are we going in the future?" iNEXT builds on the idea that took shape in 2007 with "project i" and evolved to launch the BMW i3 in 2013. BMW Group has already done a lot in this field: it has more than ten years of experience in the field of electric mobility, small and large BMW models are constantly evolving and their technology is being used to gradually streamline the BMW and MINI ranges. Now the next step for the development of BMW i is the complete integration of the Autonomy + Connectivity + Electric + Services automotive industry.

At the same time, the project is a visual expression of the innovation areas and it responds to an essential question for the brand: how will the experience of driving enjoyment be in the future? The BMW iNEXT project car will be launched in 2021.

BMW Vision iNEXT

"BMW Vision iNEXT is a new driving pleasure", says Harald Krger, chairman of the board of directors of BMW AG. "This concept underlines the leading role that Germany plays in the future of mobility."

Highly automated, emission-free and fully connected, the concept car brings together the strategic innovation areas of the BMW group for the first time in a Vision Vehicle. At the same time he answers an essential question: "How can a car move independently of the user and be controlled by the user?" The core of this problem is, more than ever, people – with all their emotions and desires. And BMW, as well as the BMW i3 and BMW i8 development stages, is free from the limitations, procedures and habits that requires development of classic models. It has the freedom to develop a new concept, adapted to the requirements and technological solutions that bring autonomous and connected driving.

The serial version of BMW iNEXT will take on the role of a new technological outpost; the production at the Dingolfing plant is scheduled to start in 2021. For the first time, the strategic innovation areas of the BMW Group ("D + ACES") will be found in one package.

A future-oriented Vision Vehicle – BMW Vision iNEXT – provides a tangible preview of how BMW iNEXT could be. "Personal mobility is undergoing profound changes", explains Klaus Frhlich, member of the board of directors of BMW AG and responsible for development. "Opportunities for autonomous driving and expanding connectivity provide a new set of experiences and ways to shape a journey." With this in mind, we have designed the BMW Vision iNEXT completely electrically as a mobile environment that improves the quality of life, a new "Spaiu The favorite that we can be nine, is relaxing, indeed, all BMW's efforts will be in the future. people keep turning around – according to their needs and wishes in terms of mobility – "adds Frhlich.

Adrian van Hooydonk, executive vice president of BMW Group Design, summarizes the creative approach: "BMW exists to generate creative and groundbreaking ideas that transform the way we think about mobility." BMW Vision iNEXT marks a big step on this transformation journey, because smarter cars can make life easier and more beautiful. "

Exterior – modern elegance, expressed with confidence

With the dimensions and proportions of a modern BMW SAV, BMW Vision iNEXT has a dominant presence. The car immediately delivers the innovative character through its well-cut shapes and surfaces. Stunning paint and refined details contribute to this impression. The Liquid Greyrose Copper color of the exterior gradually shifts from warm copper to dark pink and gives the car a dynamic attitude.

Large double and interconnected grill, emblematic graphical representation of the side windows and blue, front and rear accent surfaces are adopted in the BMW i style, which was included in BMW and Vision Dynamics in 2017. The unlocking of the car determines the emphasis on blue accents are attractive lines. Glass surfaces, such as large windows and lights, are perfectly integrated into the design and have the appearance of extensive designs.

Radiator grille and four eye front, BMW has reinterpreted identity elements

In the middle of the front there is a large vertical radiator grille. Like all electrically powered cars, it is just closed. Without an internal combustion engine that requires strong cooling, the grid element is now a "smart panel" that contains a series of sensors. A 3D model prints the technology under the surface. Super-headlights are part of a modern interpretation of BMW's characteristic quadrangular front. The windshield extends to a large panoramic roof, provides visual simplicity at the rear and ensures that the innovative interior is visible from the outside.

Modern appearance with opposite walls

BMW Vision iNEXT shows the strong and robust position of a modern BMW SAV seen from the side. The functional dimensions in two car volumes and the long line of the cover are indices of generous interior space. At the same time, the long wheelbase and short consoles give the silhouette a dynamic image. Heavily notched surfaces bend along their flanks, such as well-defined edges. The accurately placed lines reinforce this interaction and provide additional impact on the passageways of the rollers. The large wheels (24 oli) are aerodynamically efficient and their three-dimensional sculptural design is a stylistic and functional attraction. The rooms interpret the role of the door mirrors, while tactile, illuminated graphic elements replace conventional handles and emphasize the modern look. There are two large doors that can block the doors without the B-pillar separating them. When they are open, they offer a clear view of the spacious interior. The frame of the door opens the surfaces with carbon fiber. Black thresholds offer robust SAV robustness. In addition, it contains a blue accent band as an element that emphasizes that the car is powered by an electric propulsion.

At the back, the horizontal arrangement of lines and surfaces creates a broad and dynamic posture. Subtle and striking rear lights extend to the rear of the car. Air flow and optimum aerodynamics are ensured by the roof lines and a spectacular, luminous loudspeaker for a better impact.

Interior – My favorite space

BMW Vision iNEXT drivers can choose to control ("Boost" mode) or to drive ("Ease" mode). The "Boost" mode uses the electric propulsion system to deliver an extremely dynamic and quiet driving experience without emissions. In the "Ease" mode, the car offers the driver and passengers a space to participate in a wide range of activities. BMW Vision iNEXT can be a place to relax, communicate, entertain and socialize; the possibilities are just as varied as the needs of the residents. As a result, the interior is more of a comfortable and modernly designed "living space" – a new "Spaiu Favorit".

Atmosphere interior relax

The large panoramic roof floods the interior with light and creates an open atmosphere. Two individual chairs next to a banquet design with one back means that there is room for up to four people. There are only a few clean lines that determine the interior – a geometry that really brings the materials and colors to the forefront. The combination of materials made of wood and wood produces an impression of high quality and ensures that different elements resemble furniture. Nuana Purus Ros and brown and beige elements are mainly used for the color scheme of the cockpit with striking accents in Mystic Bronze Bronze. The rear compartment is dominated by an Enlighted Cloudburst (similar to the gray oil paint) jacquard carpet that covers the seat asymmetrically and extends into the side panels and seat belts. The result is a visual separation between the cockpit and the rear, which produces the effect of different furniture in an apartment.

The modes "Boost" and "Ease" change the environment of the driver

In the large cockpit, the guide area is determined by the two visible digital display panels and the steering wheel. The flat panel, covered with a beige cloth, combines with wooden elements and a wooden floor to create a pleasant and familiar atmosphere. In the "Boost" mode, the steering wheel and the displays are positioned in the direction of the guide. When the "Ease" mode is activated, the room rotates in the immediate vicinity of the conductor. The steering wheel disappears a little, creating a more open sense of space. Display panels transmit the content to the "Exploration Mode", which gives the driver and passengers suggestions about places and events in the neighborhood that may be of interest to them. In addition, the head restraints of the chair can be collapsed so that people can communicate more effectively with their rear passengers.

The central console is similar to a high quality furniture

The center console between the front seats has all the characteristics of a high-quality piece of furniture because of both the design and the materials. A matt porous wooden finish gives the appearance of a floating coffee table that extends to the rear. Under the beautiful wooden panel is a bowl made of refined crystal glass, placed above a delicate, bronze base. The crystal bending breaks through the light that enters, splits it into a multitude of colors and the inside inside the luminous reflection.

The rear compartment

At first glance, the rear compartment looks like a modern living space of the last generation. Spacious space is continuously and generously deployed over the limit and the underlying places give the character of a lying hole. Jacquard handmade fabric, colored Enlighted Cloudburst, extends over the entire seating area and the side panels gradually switch from gray to white and give the cabin a very modern look.

"Shy Tech": innovative integrated technology without visible but always available

There are no other screens or controls that are visible in the BMW Vision iNEXT next to the steering wheel and the display. In order to preserve the family character of the rear compartment, intelligent technology is therefore integrated without being visible to keep passengers in the foreground. Only when required by the driver or passengers, the technology becomes perceptible. For example, it might be possible in the future to operate various functions through surfaces made of wood or dust. The screens are no longer essential because smart projection can change any surface in an interactive screen. BMW Vision iNEXT highlights three different display applications for this Shy Tech concept in the form of Intelligent Personal Assistant, Intelligent Materials and Intelligent Beam.

Smart intelligent assistant. The Personal Intelligent Assistant of the car starts in response to the message "Hey, BMW". The BMW Vision iNEXT is an integral part of the digital world and is perfectly connected to BMW Connected, Smart Devices and Smart Home Networks. For example, conductors can switch the house air into the car via a simple voice command.

Smart materials. While driving in "Boost" mode, the center display can be used in a conventional style, using the tactile functionality. In the "Ease" mode, the wooden center of the center console takes over this control function. The position of the arms and the mines is just as relaxed as when using the iDrive controller: it is located simply on the perforated wooden surface and when commands are given, light points that look like the tail of the comet's finger. Jacquard back of fabric has full control functionality. It captures touch through touch and allows to control music playback with various movements that are visually highlighted by the LEDs that light up underneath.

The intelligent beam. In the use of the media, as in the case of automotive operations, the digital and analogue worlds will become more and more common in the future. More and more it becomes possible to view the information in a designed form, which could eliminate the need for displays for the long term. Intelligent Beam Technology presented at BMW Vision iNEXT is already a step in that direction, because it can serve as both a readable light and an interactive projection screen. For example, the text in a printed book can be supplemented with images, animations and interactive images, all of which can be operated with touch.

A symbol of the new era

The BMW Vision iNEXT offers the possibility of autonomous mobility in a very short-term future and offers solutions that primarily provide an important boost while at the same time incorporating the strategic goals of the BMW Group in terms of the future of personal mobility . n 2021, "The driving pleasure" is being redesigned in the form of the BMW iNEXT series, which introduces the BMW Group's strategic innovation areas for the first time ("D + ACES" – Digitization + Automated Affiliated Electrified Share) in a single package.

BMW Vision iNEXT World Flight

Two companies, one mission. Munich, New York, San Francisco and Beijing: four cities on three continents in five days. BMW Group, together with Lufthansa Cargo, presented the BMW Vision iNEXT World Flight as part of the BMW Vision iNEXT World Flight – a very special presentation.

More than 300 representatives of international media have boarded the most advanced and efficient cargo aircraft in its class – a Boeing 777F from the Lufthansa Cargo fleet – to experience the vision of future mobility: BMW Vision iNEXT – the latest Vision Vehicle from the BMW Group.

The teams of Lufthansa Cargo and BMW Group have worked hard to make this automotive and technology presentation a reality. The guests have unveiled the groundbreaking car and the future BMW Group in an exclusive concept room with a closed concept designed and created especially for this occasion.

Preparations for the presentation event included the installation of more than 7.5 kilometers of cables, while 78,000 LEDs mounted in 165 LED video modules and ten 13,000 ANSI lumen projectors created a show in the Boeing aircraft at all simulations. More than 120 specialists in the construction of exhibition stands of Lufthansa Cargo and BMW Group contributed to the project.

Engineers and specialists have used about 30 tons of material to build the platform for BMW Vision iNEXT. The challenge consisted not only of hosting a presentation as none of the attendees has ever seen, but ensures that this creation "gets off the ground".

The deadlines have been tightened up, given the need to transform the entire decoration within the 777F from flight and back mode to everything quickly and safely. The first guests arrived eight hours after the plane had landed. and just four hours after the end of the last show at one location, the Boeing plane left for the next destination of its route. This technical and logistical tour supported an automotive and technology presentation that was truly unprecedented.

"The visionary products are worth watching. We are aware that we have created this extraordinary world premiere in collaboration with BMW," said Peter Gerber, Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lufthansa Cargo AG.

"iNEXT is our mobility proposal for the future, so it is logical that the BMW Vision iNEXT is presented to a worldwide audience in a completely new style," says Klaus Frhlich, board member of BMW AG responsible for development. "World Flight is a good way to do this."

Transforming the exterior of the aircraft is inspired by the interior design that was designed to present the car. And this was the model that the Lufthansa Cargo Boeing 777F flew when it took off from Munich Airport on 9 September for its flight around the world. After the stops in New York, San Francisco and Beijing, the plane returned to Frankfurt base on 14 September.

iNEXT – the following items

Flexibility is the key to success for the company. Ten years ago, the BMW Group & # 39; project i & # 39; as part of its NUMBERS strategy and quickly became a pioneer in the field of electric mobility.

Nowadays, cars with thermal engines and electrified systems are built on the same architecture. This approach ensures a very flexible production, which will be able to respond better to the rapid transformations of the market. This is one of the most important results of "project i".

The BMW iNEXT car design has been given a central role in the development of the future set of tools and components. Looking ahead, the new car architectures for all rear wheel and rear end configurations, plus state-of-the-art installations, will allow the BMW Group to quickly make decisions about which models must be fully electrically equipped with a system hybrid plug-in propulsion or powered by an efficient thermal motor. Until 2025, the BMW Group offers 25 models with electrified propulsion systems, of which 12 are fully electric.

2019: MINI BEV

In July 2017, the BMW Group announced that the new all-electric MINI will be launched as a three-door version of the MINI Hatch. The production of the fully electric MINI starts in 2019. In the future, MINI customers will be able to choose from three different types of drive: thermal motor, hybrid plug-in or pure electric motor. The fully-fledged MINI running train is produced at the BMW Group in Dingolfing and Landshut – the competence centers for electric mobility within the company's production network. Then the treadmill will be integrated into the car of the BMW Group in Oxford. The decision in favor of Oxford was taken into account that the factory already produces the bulk of the three-door MINI Hatch models.

2020: the BMW Concept iX3 series

The BMW iX3 Concept, presented by Premier at Auto China 2018 in Beijing, offers a first perspective on the future: the first model of the exclusive exclusive electric drive is a Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV) without compromise on what looks at functionality and comfort.

One of the innovations in the BMW iX3 Concept is the fifth generation BMW eDrive technology. An important advantage of this electric propulsion technology is the grouping of the electric motor, transmission and power electronics in a new, separate electric propulsion component. In addition, the fifth generation of the electric propulsion system includes new batteries with improved power density and increased capacity.

This new technology package is making significant progress in terms of performance, autonomy, weight reduction, space for the assembly line and flexibility – and will make its debut in the pure electric propulsion model.

Thanks to the modular construction of the technology, it can also be adapted to the required performance levels and available space. Another remarkable element is that the electric motor does not have to have rarity asynchronous, which means that BMW Group is not dependent on its availability, another important element for sustainable development.

Regarding the performance of the BMW iX3 Concept: the electric motor develops more than 200 kW / 270 hp and offers an autonomy in the WLTP cycle of more than 400 kilometers, all supported by a 70 kWh battery that can be charged in power plants up to 150 kW.

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